Gemstone Jewelry Canada

Have you ever wondered if any gemstones come from Canada? We probably have asked ourselves this question, but we never looked into the answer or inquired about it. We usually go out there and purchase gemstones and we don’t really inquire where they come from. Well I will be informing you of all the great places in Canada where bench jewelers, jewelers, jewelry designers, manufactures, and companies get their precious and semi-precious gemstones today for jewelry making.

The most common and popular gemstones are Quartz, Agate and Jasper; they are from locations in BC, Alberta, Manitoba.

Lazurite, also called lapis lazuli, is from Baffin Island, NWT.

Amethyst: Believe it or not, is the first gemstone exported from Canada. Amethyst is from Nova Scotia. Crystals were presented to Henri IV of France by Sieur de Monts when he was governor of Acadia, and amethyst became part of the French crown jewels.

Nephrite Jade was used extensively by the natives of British Columbia’s as early as 3000 years ago. The biggest and most important commercial operations are for nephrite jade recovered from alluvial boulders and bedrock deposits. Production in recent years came from the Mount Sidney Williams, Mount Ogden, Cry Lake and Dease Lake areas of BC and from the Frances Lake area in the Yukon Territory. The majority of the jade was exported to cutting centres in East Asia. Canada is the world’s leading producer of nephrite jade.

Nephrite Jade, Hessonite Garnet and Iolite, Geologists solely recovered these gemstones from the old mine in the Cassiar Asbestos mine in BC, the Jeffrey asbestos mine in Asbestos, Québec, and the Geco base-metal mine in Manitouwadge, Ontario.

Ammolite, originated in Lethbridge Altanta. This is Canada’s newest gemstone; it was introduced in the late 1970s. The finished stone, an opal-like mosaic of brilliant colours, is sold mainly to manufacturers and jewellers in Japan, Canada and the US.

Amazonite found near Eganville, Ont, and Lac St-Jean, Québec.

Labradorite found on Tabor Island, the adjacent islands and coastal Labrador.

Opal is found in the Okanagan, BC. It’s origin recognized only by geologists or connoisseurs of Canadian gemstones.

Rhodonite is found at various locations in BC.

Rose Quartz and Sodalite come from Bancroft, Ontario.

Nowadays domestic use of commercial gemstone production is by hobbyists or custom lapidaries and designer-jewellers. Techniques used for cutting, shaping and polishing the rough material are fundamentally the same as those that have been used in the world for over about 500 years. Translucent gemstones are faceted, e.g., cut with flat faces which are called (facets) as in a diamond; in order to reflect light. Translucent and opaque material is cut in the cabochon style, with a domed top and flat base. Further non-gem-grade materials are carved into sculptures and ornaments and are sold as such.

I am certain you are astounded that Canada can produce all these striking gemstones. If you notice the many that are produced in Canada are amongst the finest and most beautiful ones that we adore, purchase, and love to wear. So the next time you want to purchase fine gemstone jewelry from a fashion online gemstone jewelry store, consider and ask where your lovely gemstone is imported from, you might just be surprised if the response is Canada.

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